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Microcontroller Board

Open Source | Made in Sweden

The world needs more electric vehicles, so we made the ARC: An open source, Arduino compatible development board for 3-phase motors, suitable for everyone who wants to prototype and convert their own electric vehicles.
What we know and love from Arduino…
…and our powerful augmentations.
What we know and love from Arduino…

Basic feature set of Arduino Uno

ATmega 64M1 at 16Mhz

23 digital input/output pins

5V power input

Fully compatible with Arduino IDE

Uniti Sweden Uniti ARC three phase development board #teamuniti
…and our powerful augmentations.

12-bit high speed 3-phase motor controller

CAN 2.0 A/B with tranceiver

Four analogue comparators

10-bit digital to analogue converter

Matching motor shield available soon

In order to change the destructive impact of urban transportation we want to accelerate the adaptation of electric vehicles. We designed the ARC to empower makers, startups, educators and anyone else, to be part of the electric vehicle revolution.
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The ARC is capable of controlling powerful three-phase-motors, which can be utilised to prototype e.g. heavy automation equipment such as CNC-machines, conveyor belts or 3D printers. Get inspired by real-world challenges!

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Electric Vehicles

The main purpose when designing the ARC was to facilitate the prototyping of electric vehicles. Depending on the shield, the ARC can control motors that power e-bikes, scooters or even cars. Which vehicle have you always wanted to electrify?

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Endless Possibilities

The ARC expands the versatility of the Arduino. Thus, the possibilities of what you can build with it are only limited by your creativity. It can also be used as an inverter for external power sources, such as solar panels! Let your imagination go wild…

The ARC contributes to building the market for electric vehicles through lowering the entry barriers for entrepreneurs around the world who want to develop a vehicle tailored to their local conditions. This enables developing economies to skip the oil-guzzling phase of transportation which has damaged our planet.
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Even if you are not building your own vehicle, you can contribute to the electronic revolution by empowering others to build theirs. Have an impact by sponsoring an ARC for somebody else!

More information soon.