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Next phase, new headquarters

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Uniti Sweden electric car New headquarters renovation Alexander Wormbs #teamuniti

Next phase, new headquarters

2017 started off with lots of action to move Uniti forward to the next level! We moved the company to new headquarters of 1800m2 for the next development phase of the prototype that will be unveiled in the summer.

After a historic crowdfunding campaign in late 2016, things picked up speed again and many people have joined the team, so we needed to move for the second time within one year.

It is also in this new building that we have enough space to fit all machinery needed to build the first full-scale evaluation prototype. Apart from an electronics workshop and more office and design space, we have now enough room for a composites workshop as well as heavy machinery for rapid prototyping.

See behind the scenes of the renovations in the new building, along with an exciting trip to Vienna and more fun stuff happening at the new headquarters.

Uniti Update is our YouTube series to show what is really going on behind-the-scenes of a startup like Uniti. The series follows our journey all the way to the prototype and mass production, starting from the crowdfunding campaign. In case you missed the launch of it, here is a wrap-up of what happened so far.

The pilot episode of Uniti Update takes you behind-the-scenes of our crowdfunding campaign, which turned out to be historic in many ways.

Watch how the new iteration of our Virtual Reality car simulator was built for rapid design iterations and to help develop and demonstrate new concepts.

Get to know the different teams at Uniti and watch how an old Indian car chassis and boat batteries get recycled to be part of our test platform vehicle.

Follow the creation of the mule vehicle from being only old recycled car parts to its first test drive with the autonomous system.