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Full speed towards the prototype

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Uniti Sweden - Team Prototype development

Full speed towards the prototype

Uniti has been gaining lots of momentum over the past weeks. This is channelled into the development of the prototype with its summer deadline coming closer at fast pace.

Great progress will be achieved in our freshly renovated workshops equipped with machinery for rapid prototyping, for example a 5-axis, 15 ton CNC machine for full-scale aesthetic evaluation models and mold-production, as well as several new servers for collaborative CAD, CAM and CAE work.

Uniti Sweden - Team Prototype development

Production opportunities as far away as Australia draw lots of attention to the future manufacturing process of Uniti. Our good connections to companies like Kuka Robotics, Sony or Siemens will help us achieve our goal of a fully-automated production facility within a considerably short time frame. Along with establishing such partnerships, the supply chain team has taken on the big challenge of piecing together all components of the car with the most sustainable materials and cutting-edge manufacturing methods.

Besides, our first year’s audit is complete and the financial statement has been published. Over the past few months, the Finance Team has built a steady backbone for the influx of investors and continuously taking on more funding. If you are interesting to become one of them, send an email to

Uniti Sweden - Lewis Horne at Drive Sweden annual conference 2017

Uniti’s CEO Lewis Horne has been on the road to speak at some of the industry-leading events in Europe, such as the Startup Autobahn, where he was invited to Stuttgart by event sponsors like Porsche and Daimler, and Drive Sweden’s annual conference, which is the umbrella organization for the Swedish mobility industry. It is an exhausting part of his job, but it is essential to keep us connected in the industry and inspire others with Uniti’s story.

The speed at which Uniti moves forward is only possible with an energetic team that is always ready to take on the next challenge. New people join in all the time: Determined, passionate and inspired by Team Uniti’s ambition of wanting to change the future.

To see more of what happens behind-the-scenes at Uniti, do not miss the latest YouTube episode! It takes you to meet some of the genius people who are pushing things forward at Uniti, while Isak and Albin take you on their exciting tour through Sweden and Germany.