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Hello, I am Uniti

A high end city car designed for high performance in an urban environment with a focus on sustainability and a futuristic user experience. Uniti is an L7e vehicle with two or three seats in tandem depending on model, and a premium target price of 200,000 SEK (~20,000€).

The basics are as follows:

  • 90 km/h – 120 km/h top speed depending on model
  • 0 – 80 km/h < 3.5 seconds
  • 15 kW rated hub motors (40 kW peak)
  • 11 or 20 kWh Li-Ion battery
  • Induction or plug-in charge
  • 400 kg weight

  • Carbon fiber and bio composite based
  • Electronic steering system
  • 150 km – 300 km range depending on model
  • Full-screen augmented reality heads-up display
  • Autonomous driving features

Replacing the mechanical linkage between driver and the wheels with electronics yields multiple benefits, including…

  • Driver interface based on human biomechanics
  • Enhanced driver experience and unique safety features
  • Leaner and modular design
  • Batshit crazy gaming and entertainment options
  • Simplified introduction of autonomous driving

Uniti runs extensive R&D to verify a unique fail proof system.